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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Preliminary thoughts

Preliminary thoughts on new writing south and meeting Brian Catling

In search

in search in search search s eeerch

just another urchin

in the life   Brian

objects    a catling gun  



catch me

just pen nibs to collect

no cartridge cases

puts me on my metal



we  I eye eyed


to experience  s  

pushed into place  

into history

into time  

ah!  back to dying

fragments left behind

on mantlepieces

hap pi ness    in the south  so th u  

mark s  on the page boy

writing of happiness   embarrassment

all my life in search  of    happiness   no

human potential

your daughter is exceeding her poetential

potent that

the wrong word  

word for a tyrant

do not exceed your poetential

why write nonsense  

it is not Art  

what is art?

object   ion

impermanence  ugghhh

I want to leave my mark

Did you not read Heidegger?

Marks are meaningless

no just not important


get stuffed

we   need to be remembered

amen to that

marks in the memory

stay forever  

do not decay

but brains decay

We are one ONE  won

in the mind of Dog

unless he is dys something or other

all confused

in quanta without envelopes

We are seen

and remembered

I am afraid to be such things as dreams are made on


There is no dog

But we are soul

we are momentarily embodied

More than moments

I and this body-shell-being

which comes to life and dreams and dies and is reborn

want to become Dog

I am dog if I but knew myself

Marks on the landscape

we on the floor

happy man

Where is the drama?

where is the text?

where is

the performance


Sunday, April 30, 2006

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

All is lost, but none shall lose their prizes

The Butler Report has exposed flaws and failings in almost everything in the case for the invasion of Iraq.
Mr Blair claims full personal responsibility, and refuses to understand that he must resign. Butler describes it as a collective failure. He finds no one individually culpable. If it is a collective failure then those responsible should all resign. Yet not one offers to do the decent thing.
Gill and I have never felt more ashamed to be British. We squirmed as we watched Tony Blair skipping off to Downing Street with a huge grin on his face, for all the world like Peter Pan, in a fantasy world of his own creation.

It is your responsibility and mine to see that this Puer Aeternus is held to account as the adult War Criminal he is.

For once Michael Howard did his job well. With ruthless precision, he exposed the transition from insecurity to total certainty in the Government's description of the existence of Weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq.

"We all know he had them." as my MP wrote to me.

How? Because we sold them to him to attack the radical Islamic state next door. then he was the good guy, fighting for western cecular values against the theocratic muslims.

But the evidence that he still had them in 2003 was somewhere between patchy and non existent. Mr Straw added to his critical analysis of Blair's dossier-making on TV yesterday afternoon. He had been the first to describe the other one, which was nothing but a plagiarised student thesis, and 10 years out of date, as the "Dodgy" dossier. This time it was more a more or less Freudian slip. He called it the "dottier". Yet, in this Alice in Wonderland world we are now living in, Blair can announce, once again, that he has been judged and found innocent of any duplicity.
One of the most important things that emerged from Butler, which has not yet been picked up properly, is the Attorney General's judgement that war would only be legal if the evidence of WMD were incontrovertible. Blair just had to sex up that dossier. He had to hang onto his insistence on the existence of WMD long after everyone else had given up on it. Butler also exposed the source of the fantastic lie about "45 minutes to doom." It was the CIA/M16 stooge, we have now put in charge of Iraq. There is a nice pay back for lies and deceit. Butler is clear that this false claim should not have been in the dossier.

You and I must conclude on the evidence put before us by the Butler inquiry that the evidence for the existence of usable weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, as placed before the British Government by our security services, was totally insufficient to justify the assertions made by Blair.

The war was illegal, and Blair knew it.

That makes Blair a war criminal, responsible for the lives of at least 10,000 Iraqi civilians, and thousands of Iraqi and coalition troops. He should also be held to account for the lives that will be lost in coming generations of children as yet unborn who will die from the depleted uranium, truly ugly weapons of terrible destruction, which were used by our forces on a civilian population.

If we cannot find a way to bring Blair to trial in an International Court of Justice, then let us make it clear that we will never again elect a Government which is led by him. He must go, and go now.
Nick Owen 15 July 2004

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Dump Blair this polling day

"The time has come for changing" by Nick Owen

Come members of parliament
Lend me an ear
I'm telling you loud
And I'm telling you clear
Your job shall be forfeit
If you're backing Blair
If your job to you
Is worth saving
This leader of yours
Must be sunk like a stone
For the time has come for changing

Come all you philosophers
All those who care
You elected a leader
This young Tony Blair
Riding to power
On a wing and a prayer
The truth
Needed lots of massaging
But the winner then
Will be losing now
For the time has come for changing

Come all you New Labourites
Take head of this call
Don't you see that your values
Have gone to the wall
You're backing this fascist
While we are appalled
There's a battle out here
And It's raging
If you don't wake up soon
Then your end is in sight
For the time has come for changing

Come all of you voters
Throughout the land
I'm spelling it out
So you all understand
The oil of Iraq
Was not ours to command
For the pipelines
The war we were waging
Was wholly illegal
And utterly damned
So the time has come for changing

The line is in the sand
The curse has been cast
It is time to dispose
Of this lier at last
Or the present disaster
Will never be past
The order was wrong for invading
And those who've complained
Will not be arraigned
And the time has come for changing

Saturday, May 29, 2004

My spiritual home Posted by Hello

Friday, May 28, 2004

Alien Twin. Brought to us by Babyworld: China

On the counter at my local corner Bangladeshi store sits a box full of plastic eggs. They are half transparent so you can look in on the world of the alien twins. Apart from the Spock-like ears, these small plastic toys, swimming in a tangerine amniotic goo, are pretty close to human twins at about 8 weeks beyond conception.

The Chinese are famous for toy making, and infanticide. But many cultures have historically murdered twins as being odd and therefore dangerous.

Babyworld has made them alien and yet desirable for children and shop keepers in one breath. Well, no, they don't breathe. But they can be used to do all sorts of strange child-oriented things.

I expect you can safely flush them down the toilet too. Maybe it is all part of preparing us for a world where the foetus remains alien and to be toyed with and gawped at.

Is there a chance that we could learn to be compassionate with the unborn twin or even the unborn foetus?

Or will we have to make them into aliens before we can safely examine them and their human potential?

Society is technologically ready to observe the womb world. But emotionally we are a long way away. We are hopelessly alienated from our early humanity.

The foetus, especially the twin foetus, is too alien to be loved, yet fascinating like the old freak show at the circus.

Come to think of it, the Chinese are famous for circuses too, and invading spiritual spaces like Tibet.

Go on Blair, sell them a power station, we will buy into their alien twins.